Pengiriman Pesan dalam File Gambar dengan Metode RC6 dan LSB Menggunakan Android

Sartono Sartono, Riyan Apriyanto, Fandy Kurniawan


The development of digital media rapidly and its use covering various areas give rise to the demands of an increasingly large to create an information delivery system can be secured process of securing information can be done by hiding the information to other media or by a particular method, so people do not realize there is an information in the media. Technique known as Steganography, Steganography is a technique to hide or disguise the existence of secret messages in media containers. Changing common message (plaintext) into an encrypted message (ciphertext). with cryptographic methods. The combination of these two methods can be used for security messages into media images, so that the message can be converted into encrypted messages once can disembunyikan.Untuk open the message inserted in this image is used to unlock the secret key simultaneously translate pesan.Aplikasi will be built using android that implements the methods Steganography Simple subsitutions least significant bit (LSB) and cryptography Rivest Code 6 (RC6). The use of steganography and cryptography technology is expected to improve security in the process of delivering information, in order to get important information, will be masked its presence on a media image. It is also expected to assist in the protection of copyright works of electronic media.

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