Steganografi Menggunakan Metode Least Significant Bit (LSB) dengan Kombinasi Algoritma Kriptografi Blocking, Permutasi, Pemampatan dan Vigenere

Avin Kusuma Putra, Suwitno Suwitno, Yosep Lazuardi


Security and confidentiality are important aspects
needed in the exchange of messages through the network
media / internet. Cryptography and steganography techniques
can be used to provide security protection to the secret message.
Developing multiple cryptographic techniques with classic
cryptography algorithm combinations blocking, permutation,
compression and vigenre are integrated into the steganography
using LSB (Least Significant Bit) methods is expected to protect
confidential messages.
This study aims to combine classical cryptography blocking,
permutation, compression and vigenre integrated with steganography
methods, to provide double protection to the secret
message within an image/ digital image. Results from this study
is an application named ”CryptoStego” which has succeeded in
combining cryptography and steganography.
”CryptoStego” application can be running on a Windows-based
operating system using Microsoft Excel 2013 application, and
can only hide text message into a bitmap or jpeg format
images. Therefore it is necessary for the development of further
applications can hide a message into a format other than a
bitmap and jpeg images, and can hide text message into the
media in addition to images such as audio and video, and can
be used globally on all operating systems.

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